Saturday, November 3, 2012


First of all, THANK YOU! Since Thursday's Grand Opening, I've been designing away and loving every.single.minute. of it. I appreciate all of the support!

Many people have asked about the pricing. Good questions. Money is tight and I feel ya. Seriously. I'm always looking for a way to cut costs without losing quality and that's one of the main reasons I began designing my own invitations for events. I was saving a ton of money printing them on my own. 

To make it simple, I'm going to use some clear-cut examples.

Tiny Prints. LOVE THEIR STUFF. Really do. All of their invitations and cards are modern and clean cut. But, I send out about 100 Christmas cards each December. I found this great Christmas card and wanted it for our very own... until I saw the price [ $1.61/ card when ordering 100 ]

So, I went to work.... and ta-da!

So, there ya have it! I printed these on #80 cardstock at Office Max [2/sheet] for $.66/sheet [$.33/card]
Here's what I saved!

Now, do I always copy designs? NO. I love to come up with something different and creative for each client. As you can see, I added a heart by our names and changed the blue to a teal [my fave]. That's the  art of custom. You can add things and change things you don't like about something you get an idea from. So, if you see something and it's out of your budget. Use Royal Script. Don't have any idea what you want on your card? That's okay, too! I can help you figure out the perfect design!

Plus, think of all the Christmas gifts you could buy with that money you saved by using Royal Script!

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  1. I totally agree about Tiny Prints. WAY over priced. Plus, you have to add in the postage...which is another rip off. Nice comparison:)